Social Goals

Our social goals are achieved when the following points are fulfilled:

1. The number of fatalities (car occupants + pedestrians) has decreased by at least 50% compared to this year’s (2019) number of fatalities (Austria: car + pedestrians 223) in at least one city and at least one country where at least one Y-Rail network for passenger transport is installed.

2. At least one Y-Rail route crosses a national border.

3. Certain passenger cabins can be accessed by wheelchair.

4. A Y-Rail route leads from Vienna to Klosterneuburg. Siegfried Marcus conquered this route with his first car, and the next generation of passenger transport must also master this route.

The Y-Rail technology will also contribute significantly to the fulfillment of the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

– Improved logistics through faster and better transport routes

– Emission and noise reduction in cities and main traffic routes

– Safe transport of people

– Access to mobility for everyone