Environment Goals

Our environmental objective is achieved when all of the following points are met:

1. The energy consumption of passenger transport (motor vehicles, buses, passenger planes, all types of passenger trains, helicopter traffic, ferry traffic, urban cableways, e-bikes and e-scooters etc.) of at least one city and one country in which at least one Y-Rail network for passenger transport has been installed has decreased by at least 30% compared to 2019.

2. 90% of the Y-Rail network of at least one city and one country is supplied with renewable energy.

3. The life expectancy of an ordinary Y-Rail vehicle is at least 24 years or 1 million kilometers, which is more than twice as long as that of a German car in 2019.

4. The noise emission of a Y-Rail vehicle is at 240km/h less than that of an average car (2019) with 130km/h on the freeway.

5. The energy consumption of a Y-Rail vehicle, with at least 4 persons occupying it, is at 130km/h less than 12kWh/100km, and thus less than half the energy consumption of the e-Golf 2019 (source: ADAC Autotest e-Golf).

6. The space consumption of one rail kilometer of the Y-Rail is a maximum of 1.200m2 . By comparison, a country road and a double-track railroad line consume 12,000m2.